Start Moving

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A journey begins in the mind and heart not with the first step. It feels like I’ve already started to travel. Letting go of the things I love and sending my best wishes to all the comfort.

You may ask what I’m talking about and you have good reason to. Let me introduce you to my project. For the last four years I’ve been dreaming about walking for a really long time, getting away from all I know and casting myself into an adventure where I may find the borders of my being. Not only that was and is my motivation, it is a spiritual journey too, of finding and meeting what is beyond myself. The dream was to wake the old routes of the pilgrims and walk from Europe to Jerusalem. A trail that only few feet strike every year. It is hard to tell why exactly this way and why through all the dangerous countries, all I know that there is a God that drove the old saints and that is driving me.

So this blog is mainly dedicated to give updates about my journey. For now I’ll be preparing and will write from time to time about that: What goes through my mind, what it means to say good bye and all about the equipment I’m taking with me.

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