Giving Away and Letting Go

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Being quite busy lately, I don’t have as much time to prepare for the journey as I would like. It is interesting that the most intensive preparation is all the people that ask me random question to my pilgrimage. Often I don’t even know what to answer because I haven’t thought about it yet, but through that I’m confronted with many things I have to think through. I really try to study more about the countries I’m walking through, as soon as I have more time (next week), I’ll start posting about what I’m learning about the ancient pilgrim, the crusades and the current state of the countries. I plan on writing a post about every country I’m walking through.

The hardest thing right now is giving away all my stuff. Since I know that this is a step into a new season I try to keep only the necessities, like some favorite books, some clothing and some tech stuff that my heart cant say good bye to.

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