The First Day

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 At the rabits

Some friends walked with me the first part today. I was a little nervous becuase it marked the beginning of the journey, but now I’m looking back to a great day with friends and Family. We started off at my parents house at around 9 in the morning, walked for an hour and then had a huge breakfast  (my mom brought it with the car) . Later we had a nice fire for lunch and grilled some Bratwurst. To walk this far for the fist day was tough but gave me a good feeling what to expect. We finished the evening with a great dinner at Dieci and now I get to hang out at Dans apartment for the night.

Thank You my friends.

5 Comments on “The First Day”

  1. 1 Chrystal. said at 6:05 am on August 14th, 2007:

    What a way to start your journey, it’s such a cool idea. I hope I can join you along the way somewhere. Please visit the 5 ancient sees for me, Rome, Antioch, Alexandria, Constantinople, and Jerusalem! When I walk to work I look at the mountains and I wonder where you are and I feel very jealous. All of the sudden, I feel quite claustrophobic here in suburbia with my paper deadlines and coffee shop shifts. I even went to the river to watch the sunset, this I don’t usually care about, but all of the sudden there is this urgency inside me. I wish I could have walked with you on your first day, but I will walk with you for many days in the future.

  2. 2 Esthi Mammi said at 9:00 pm on August 14th, 2007:

    Hoi Schätzle
    Es war megaschön und thrilling dich ziehen zu lassen, du wirst viel spannendes erleben und Leute segnen.
    Miss ya

  3. 3 Gotte Käthi said at 9:53 am on August 16th, 2007:

    Lieber Lukas

    Nicolas und ich wollten Dir auf dem Pfanenstiel noch auf Wiedersehen sagen, aber wir haben uns leider verpasst. Ich habe mich riesig gefreut, dass ich ‘zufällig’ kurz vor Deiner Abreise telefoniert habe und Du mir noch persönlich von Deinem Vorhaben berichten konntest. Ich habe deine ersten Tage gelesen und versucht, mich in Gedanken in Dich zu versetzen. Du hast bereits wunderbare Erlebnisse gemacht. Ich wünsche Dir weiterhin viel Kraft.

  4. 4 Emel said at 8:40 pm on August 16th, 2007:

    hi lukas
    Den ersten Tag mit dir zulaufen war echt cool. Man hat richtig ein bisschen Pilgerfeeling miterleben können. Ich finde deinen Mut so eine Pilgerreise zumachen echt stark.
    gbu emel

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