Making it to Venice

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After the mountains I had to walk mostly along the road to Venice. It took me only 3 days of walking where I took one day a break in a nice park on the Padave river. I had this romantic imagination of getting to the sea and seeing Venice but when I got there it wasn’t so special because it was getting dark and the sight wasn’t so good. The next day I took accidentally the wrong bus and went right into Venice instead of walking there. I was full of amazement as I walked into this place that is truly unlike any other. I decided to take a week break here and have now been every day here in Venice. The night I spend at a camping place outside.

Two nights ago my mom came to visit and we stayed at a small cute and overpriced hotel in the center only 100 meters from the St. Mark place away. We had good diners, consumed much culture and art and I enjoyed having someone to talk to.

You’ll get an impression of Venice when you see the pics. Tomorrow I’ll move on towards Slovenia where I should be within a week.

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