Pictures now on Flickr

Posted: September 18th, 2007 | Author: | Filed under: Blog, Life & Travels, Photos | 6 Comments »

Hey my friends and readers of the blog. I’ve just spend almost 4 hours in the Internet cafe to upload some of the pics I’ve made so far and comment them. That’s why the last post is so short.

The pictures are here:

I decided to use Flickr because it has such a cool engine and is easy to integrate into my blog. On the side you’ll see the new pics but I recommend to use the link above to browse and explore the pictures.

6 Comments on “Pictures now on Flickr”

  1. 1 chrishtine said at 9:14 am on September 19th, 2007:

    i just sai: “hallo mr. forest gump” 😉 hi hi hi.

  2. 2 Jessy said at 12:39 pm on September 19th, 2007:

    meeeeega schöni föteli! Vorallem das vo de Berge, eifach genial dass du dete gsi bisch WOW :O

  3. 3 Phil said at 3:17 pm on September 20th, 2007:

    Great pics! and good picks, reduced to some essential impressions. I like it!

    Late last night I could see you walking on google maps at 45.818272°N, 13.801575°E. (You’ve grown a beard ;))

    I envy you a bit…


  4. 4 Chrystal. said at 6:27 am on September 21st, 2007:

    Babe, I must say your pictures are very cool, but what I liked best was your beard!


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  6. 6 Christian said at 10:41 pm on December 16th, 2015:

    maria – i hope all is well. i miss you! someone else just gave me the liseetbr award, and i thought of you and how sweet you are. just know you have internet friends who are thinking of you and wishing you all the best. happy weekend!

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