L’Abri & Looking into the Future

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Everyone has been asking me what I’m going to do now that I’m back in Switzerland. Well, let me first update you on what has been happening until now.

My days were mostly about studying some of the things I’ve discovered on my journey and meeting friends. Besides that I’ve been working for a mobile phone software company that is about to be started soon. It’s been some good weeks and hard ones too.

One awesome thing that I was able to do after three years of trying, was visiting the L’Abri fellowship. It’s a community of truth seekers that live together, share their meals, work and have committed time to study whatever heart felt question they are currently facing. The fellowship was founded by Francis and Edith Schaeffer, well know philosophers and theologians of the last century. Most people stay there for quite a while, because of my responsibilities here in Zürich I could only go for a few days but they were so valuable. Early in the morning I packed my backpack and took the train to the southern part of Switzerland. I love it down there, Lausanne and the Geneva Lake is just breathtakingly beautiful. But L’Abri is situated up in the mountains and the view of the bold Alps is even more impressive. Quickly I got to know most of the people there and figured out how it all works. Working in the morning, studying in the afternoon and fun in the evening. I love to learn in community, in contrast to the more individualistic study style of todays academics, you have more space to breathe, you can go the pace you want and need and the best is, that you can exchange so naturally about what questions you are having since you are in a close fellowship. After four days I went back to Zürich.

See: L’Abri Website

Now about the future. I’m gonna fly to Chrystal for three months in Canada. It came up with my good friend Tii. He said, hey why don’t you go to your girl and then maybe travel some more. A few days later I bought the ticket. I’m gonna live close to where she studies until her graduation. Then we are planing to do a road trip from Vancouver to Pennsylvania (from West to East America), where we will stay with her parents for another month. Then I have to go back to Switzerland and what comes after that I cannot tell.

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  1. 1 Jamie Graham said at 6:13 am on March 25th, 2008:

    I know what you did in the future… had a good time on hippie island, that’s what! It was great to chat with you Luke, you’re a real soulful dude. I tried to email you but it bounced back.


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