On the Road Again

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I’m on the road again. Last Saturday Chrystal graduated, all in black robes and the square hats just like we know it from the movies. Then we packed up got everything in our car including her younger brother Ben and started driving back to Pennsylvania. We had 3700 miles ahead which translates to about 6800 kilometers. So I think its justified to call this a road trip. We are planning on taking it slow, visiting cities and consume some eye-candy that the USA has to offer. Since we’re couch surfing every city also brings its own social adventure. Our first city to visit was Portland. We drove right into down town and were surprised to find ourselves to be in one of the nicest cities in North America. Chilling out on the main square, an open-minded black guy introduced himself as our tour guide. Of course we were happy to accept his offer and follow his lead to one of the coolest book stores ever, Powell’s books. After that we started looking for the home of our host that was ten minutes outside of the city. We found ourselves in a cute wooden floating port where we were warmly welcomed to the house of Dave, who is also the port master there. After showing us around we just looked at each other and realized that the adventure of driving out into the blue has hit us again. It was a very interested night and we met many good people that we will remember for quite awhile. Two highlights were definitely burned into our memories: a big old Danish wooden boat maintained by two of Dave’s friends and his awesome singing, which made the whole crowd become quiet. We finished the evening by philosophizing deep into the night. The next morning we headed to Idaho, which brought us along a broad river to some glittering waterfalls, vast prairie’s and stormy mountains. We drove for almost 8 hours when we finally arrived at our destination, Boise Idaho. We called up Nick and we met him at his apartment. We chatted with Nick and his girlfriend and also his brother and we had some really good chocolate chip cookies. They offered us the kitchen so we made some pasta ate dinner as we watched their game of scrabble. It was so nice to eat a good meal after driving in the car all day. So far we’ve had pretty good weather, only a small bout of slushy rain as we went over a mountain pass. We’ll tell of the rest of Idaho and our venture down to Salt Lake city in the next post.

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  1. 1 chrishtine said at 11:25 am on April 30th, 2008:

    so so immer am reisä und gnüssä. hoff ihr händ sä fu zämmä, durch facebook und so gesch immer wo alli sind und wie schön, das äs uf derä wält so isch. hoffändli chumi nöd bald s reisefieber über. liebi grüss a alli chrisitine

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