How Should We Then Live?

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Even though I haven’t read the book (yet) it’s a question that burns on my heart more than anything. I’d say in the digital age the pace how our environment changes has become far quicker than anything we could ever imagine, almost exponential. For an old man his youth used to be the moral standard. Now we can sometimes look back 5 or 10 years and already feel stretched in our acceptance of what is permissible. It put a huge weight on our generation and the ones to follow. I love to observe the evolution of the internet, especially the social networking aspects of it. Or I’m interested in the movie industry how they push the limits to tingle the bellies of the entertainment gluttons living in the 21st century. There’s so much information, different views on things, songs, papers, magazines, blogs, web sites, emails (ahhh the inbox) it has become hard to filter. Living in 2000+ as a 20 something the questions of theology, meaning in life, and even sometimes survival have almost faded a bit into the background and one question remains: How should we live? How should I live? And I like especially the sentence: How should we then live? I feel like a teenage kid after the teacher has told me something for hours I put up my hand and say provocatively, “so what? What should I do with it?”. All I can say after been to every kind of church, having bought every consumer good (I already have and iPhone 3G), seen many movies, read piles of books, how should I then live?

I believe as pilgrims to the meaning of live this questions has become more pressing than ever. We have left behind the save lands of traditions, where you just do things because thats how they’ve been done for ever. Unfortunately have we embarked on a trip into an open sea on a nutshell, for my part I don’t see land yet. Through our emancipation to total independence, we hold a powerful freedom to do with our time almost anything we want. But just like an investor who has a lot of cash, the first thing he asks is where to invest.

I feel like I’m facing an identity crisis. There’s a lot of meaning in life I know it, but how to connect it to the personal life style? What’s your life style?

I want to explore some of the things people go to find meaning in the next posts and express my thoughts. I feel like we are often just like pilgrims going from one thing to the other hoping to find a home. Consumerism, friendships, activism (green, politics, human rights), mysticism (new age, etc), church, parties, partner…

6 Comments on “How Should We Then Live?”

  1. 1 Jake Belder said at 3:47 am on July 12th, 2008:

    Good stuff, Luke. I was pumped to see you use the word “pilgrim” because that is a notion that is almost entirely lost in our age. But it’s true, we don’t live for the here and now. We are on a journey, part of a much bigger story. I’m glad you’re exploring this. Identity is huge, and our culture and society certainly does suffer from an identity crisis.

    I am going to post something on my blog in the next few days that you will find interesting, I think, and hopefully helpful in thinking through these things. Also, if you want to do some reading in relation to this subject, I recommend first, that you read The Pilgrim’s Progress, that old classic, and read it many times. Some have recommended that Christians read it once every year just to help keep us grounded in this idea of being a pilgrim. Second, I recommend that you read some books by Wendell Berry. He’s a small-town American farmer, but an excellent writer and an excellent critic of American (and by extension, Western) culture. It would be well worth your time.

    Looking forward to your next posts!

  2. 2 lukas.buehler said at 10:53 am on July 12th, 2008:

    🙂 Thanks Jake. Funny how we tick similar. I read The Pilgrims Progress a lot and I like Wendell Berry too. You are dead on with those two sources, they have something to say about our pilgrimage. Chrystal and me just planned to read some Wendell Berry this morning 🙂

  3. 3 Jake Belder said at 2:42 pm on July 12th, 2008:

    Awesome. I hope one day we can sit down with a beer and talk about these things. I think we will have some excellent conversations. Until then, if you’re ever online on gmail, and I am too, let’s have a chat then. 🙂

  4. 4 tii said at 7:51 pm on July 12th, 2008:

    Grossartig Luke! Love this one. Hätte es besser nicht gelesen. Manche Dinge sind so viel einfacher, wenn man nicht darüber nachdenkt. Leben ist so was. Aber die wahre Schönheit öffnet sich demjenigen, der den Dingen auf den Grund zu gehen wagt. See you on thursday!

  5. 5 café de soirée said at 3:47 pm on July 14th, 2008:

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  6. 6 Jake Belder said at 3:49 pm on July 14th, 2008:

    Luke, that post above this comment is a trackback link from my latest post, the one I thought you might find interesting based on this post you wrote here. Enjoy.

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