Remnants of Humanity

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I want to start this discussion with a poem I wrote the last two days. It expresses the pessimistic view I want to take at the beginning of the journey so that we can long for the promised land of hope.

Remnants of Humanity

Humanity was beautiful and barren.
An inner beauty the shone brighter than the sun,
and it came from the barrenness of her desires.
Through an adulterous act she gave birth to a child all in her image,
but the beauty was of her body and not of her soul.
Humanity named her Philosophy.

From the sons of god to the sons of men everyone longed after the grown child.
And she gave them everything;
war and peace,
the knowledge of good and evil,
and many other important things.

The desires of Philosophy gave birth to another child.
He was bright and proud.
Even more beautiful than his mother
but a heart laden with arrogance.
Philosophy named him Science.

No one knew how much grief he would cause.
In his youth he took the throne from his mother,
raped nature and made her queen.
It was against her will but all authority was given to him.

Both mothers looked at their offspring,
Humanity at Philosophy,
and Philosophy at Science
and they thought of them as bastards.
But after they had wept a smile appeared,
for what mother does not learn from her child?

Humanity now far in years,
looked and saw in Philosophy truth.
Eventually she died of her grief,
having lost everything to Philosophy.
Some remained carrying her name,
but her daughter often disputed if they were worthy of it.

Philosophy having reached the great age of her mother,
looked and saw in Science humanity.
But she died too after her son took the throne.
A sad and lonely death,
unrecognized she rotted away in the gutter.

Science now the age of his mother,
looked and saw nothing.
Everything dissolved into nothing
and having no guidance he put a violent death to himself.

With it came the end to the remnants of humanity.

We’ve come a long way. Looking back to the rise of history we can trace an evolution. How much was it for the better and where was it for the worse? Today we live in the age of science and his children. We are immerged into post-modern civilization and its culture. Surrounded by all the things of the 21st century the question is how will we emerge. The starting point is to view ourselves not as the peak of humanity (in the evolutionary sense), but as the remnant of humanity, understanding that we have come a long way of many mistakes, seeing the whitenesses of history as guides to humility instead of steps to greater self gratification. I mean by that, that we view ourselves as creatures in need of grace. Everything has been tried, has succeeded and failed and everything has once be known. The hope will not be in the discovery of a new solution, a new way how to do things. My hope is in the believe that a long time ago we were made as an icon of God. We have strayed in acquiring the likeness of God and are now lost down a path where we are dependent on grace to find a way back.

Next: In the age of technology, is our trust in information and knowledge eligible? (I would love to have a discussion about that because it is a question I have (of course) no definite answers for)

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