To Istanbul (Again)

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The road did not end completely in Rome, we kept traveling to the place where my last journey ended. After 10 days in Rome we felt the urge to move on so Chrystal bought tickets to Patras, first with the Train to Bari and then with the Ferry to Greece.

As I early in the morning entered the train in Termini Roma and then saw the lush landscapes of Lazio hush by I felt leaving someting behind and ready for new input that would challenge my soul. One would be amazed how easy 6 hours of train ride feel after 2 weeks of walking. Once in Bari we had six hours to kill so we walked all around the old city letting our feed guide the way. Suddenly we found ourselves facing a tall romanesque church; going inside, it appeared even mightier and for an unknown reason at that time the church was full with pious christians performing postrations before the altars. A stair lead us to the grave of the saint. The cellar roof was held by numerous small pillars connecting in bows, bellow, like under umbrellas, pilgrims prayed and sang hymns. Thus we found the grave of St. Nicolas (Santaclause) by accident, which was established there after seamen have brought the relics to Bari.

Later that eavening the ferry left and took us to Patras in Greece. In the morning the boat arrived and we decided to stay a night. Then we took a train to Athens where someone hosted us for a few nights through couch surfing. Greece is always good, the hedonistic lifestyle allowes the visitor to feel no guilt at all to spend most of the days sipping a frape in a café and even fills him even with a sense of obligation to do so. Our host sparred no effort to introduce the city to us. On a high rock, that algededly was dropped by Athene herself, a panoramic view opened for us to get a chance to acquire a feeling for the city. Sorrounded by mountains Athens cant grow larger on the original plain as it already fills the vast ditch and makse it look like milk poured into a bowl, about 5 milllion people inhabit the place which makes up half of the population of Greece and so it easy to imagine that it is somewhat of a boiling pot.

The next stop was Thessaloniki where we were welcomed again by a couch surfer. After a few great days there we took the night train to Istanbul. In the train we had our own cabin and could sleep on beds so we arrived well rested in the central station. From there we took the ferry to the asia side. It was the first time for me to go to the this part of the city, and it meant for me the true beginning of our journey because I at last moved further on this pilgrimage than I did before. There was another surprise waiting for us though: Phil, our good friend from Switzerland, arrived a week before us and found a place to stay. It was a warm welcoming, with broad smiles we entered the bus and couldn’t wait to exchange some of our experiences from along the way.

3 Comments on “To Istanbul (Again)”

  1. 1 christine said at 4:42 pm on July 3rd, 2009:

    sali zämä
    i’m glad you having good companie and a nice place to stay….
    i started my new job als a nurs by spirtex….im on my bayk tour zürich…and i hope i have soon my dravin lesson passed, so that i can drive with the care.
    all the best.

  2. 2 adrian said at 1:02 pm on July 7th, 2009:

    Hallo Ihr

    Eure Reise hoert sich sehr spannend an! Ich besuche diese Woche einige Freunde in Osteuropa und werde voraussichtlich am Montag in Istanbul sein. Falls Ihr dann immer noch dort seit, waehre es toll Euch zu treffen.

  3. 3 lukas.buehler said at 11:57 am on July 8th, 2009:

    Ja sicher sind wir noch in Istanbul!

    So findest du uns:
    1. Geh zum Galata Turm
    2. Folge der strasse, die nach Taksim geht, etwa 50 meter weiter (hinauf, nach dem Dia Laden).
    3. Auf der rechten Seite siehst du ein Backpacker Hostel.
    4. Wir wohnen auf der linken seite der Strasse, der eingang ist ein 2nd hand shop.
    5. Kannst einfach nach uns fragen.

    Hier unsere nummer: +905313653967

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