Wonders Around the Corner

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What keeps us in our comfortzone? Thats something I often think about…

There are magical places
Just around the corner.
But we never leave our spaces
we would get rich sooner.
Go and explore,
Let your bubble burst.
Taste more than your local store,
Because this world aint cursed
With no wonders.

Visiting the Vinschgau (Suedtirol)

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The Vinschgau valley is know for its good conditions to grow apples. After
three days of passing nothing but apples I can affirm this. From the border I
walked to a town called Glurns which has all its medieval walls still intact.
Its quite astounding, people are living there normal lives but everything looks
like the clock st oped 600 years ago. From there I literally walked two days
along apple farms, probably 10 trillion apples :-). The good part is that
whenever you want to eat an apple you stretch your hand out and take one, you
don’t even have to lean over a fence or something. The weather was miserable
and my feet were hurting badly because of walking on paved streets (always the
same pressure points on the feet, because of the flat and hard street). Then I
was camping somewhere and it was raining the whole night so my stuff got wet
and I was just so sick of it all, there were some other emotional blows to take
that gave me the rest. So two days ago I was at a low point, I would not give
up, but felt for the first time I was getting close to it. Yesterday was much
better, I walked along hiking trails on the side of the valley which is more
interesting and better for the feet.

I was going to come by the castle of Reinhold Messner but I stopped in a lunch
place to eat something (that was high up on the side of the valley). There were
many hikers but one guy didn’t fit in, he looked like a hunter and because I’ve
met so many hunters the last days I asked him if he was a hunter but he said no
then I asked him if he owned a farm here, he also said no. Then I mentioned
that he was probably just a hiker too, where he sat that he wasn’t that either.
After being so unsuccessful in establishing a conversation I gave up and walked
away. Later I realized that this guy was pretty sure Messner himself, because
he lives just a few meters up the hill in the castle. He looked like him and
had muscular legs like I’ve never seen before. Being a little bit annoyed for
being so blind I moved on until a town shortly before Merano. I found a bed and
breakfast for 20 Euros and stayed there for the night.

Today I only walked to Merano (2 hours). This city is so beautiful that I
decided to stay for the day. I brought my tent to the camping place and walked
around town.

Leaving Switzerland

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St. Moritz is an amazing place, a castle for the rich and beautiful.
As I sat in a park close to the lake I saw TV stars and when I walked
through town every building gave me the feeling that I’ll never be
able to afford it. I had a long journey ahead of me because I was
going to meet Tian and Seraina in Zernez. They wanted to join me for
the weekend passing through the Swiss national park. The hike was
tough, the hardest so far because I walked in one day for almost 60
km. In Zernez I slept in my tent on the official camping ground. The
next morning I met my two friends in town. First we hiked along the
street and then over a low passing to Il Fuorn. The nature kept
getting better and better. On high light that morning was, that we saw
a snake, Seraina didn’t like it though but for us guys it was exciting
to see a snake in Switzerland. After having ice cream it went up
another 400 to 600 meters to a high plateau called Buffalora. The
sights were breathtaking, a glorious panorama, some animals and rare
flowers like Edelweiss.
Up there we camped, in a corner outside of the national park. That was
an adventure, campfire, clear sky, some unknown animals and again an
amazing view onto the surrounding mountains.
After we packed together, in the morning, we headed for the Ofenpass
passing from where I moved on alone. In the Muestair valley I met a
young doctor lady who traveled for 6 years before her time in
university, she invited me to stay in her apartment in Sta. Maria.
That evening we went to the smallest whisky bar in the world (Guinness
Book of Records) and tried all kinds of whisky from 10 years old to 21
year. It was quite expensive in the end, but so much fun. We had many
good talks and I found out that she lived for 6 years in Erlenbach the
town I grew up in. When she found out that I wanted to take a break
the next day, she offered me to stay another night what I happily
accepted. So while she was at work I used her apartment and have a
good time reading, praying and meditating. I also visited a monastery
in Muestair which has paintings (Fresken) from the 8th century. Its a
beautiful old church, but it wasn’t good for solitude because of the
many tourists taking pictures.

After my day of rest the time had come to leave Switzerland, so I
walked along the street over the border into Italy (Suedtirol), after I
exchanged all my remaining money to Euros.