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My life has changed, almost three years have passed since I got married and kinda started settling in. We still travel here and there but my main activities have changed, I work much more now and pursue more intellectual adventures. So I decided to rearrange the website a bit into several sections. The main blog will be more about miscellaneous topics, ranging from programming and hedge fund work to documentaries I like to interesting finds in my hobbies. The Life & Travels section contains most posts from our year long travels and I start updating it here and there with some family news. The section I hope to spend more time the most is penning some of my thoughts and ideas in the “Writing” section.

Photos of Croatia

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Here are some new photos of Croatia and the last days in Italy:

Pictures now on Flickr

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Hey my friends and readers of the blog. I’ve just spend almost 4 hours in the Internet cafe to upload some of the pics I’ve made so far and comment them. That’s why the last post is so short.

The pictures are here:

I decided to use Flickr because it has such a cool engine and is easy to integrate into my blog. On the side you’ll see the new pics but I recommend to use the link above to browse and explore the pictures.

Map Changes

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Hey my friends, as you can see I changed the map a little bit. I think you all know where I want to walk to, but are more interested in the juicy details… do you like this map better than the other one? Any suggestions?

 Ps: Thank you Andre for posting the last post for me.

New Layout

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I hope you guys like the new layout! It was my last day at work today and it hit me how little time is left until I leave (12 days) so I started with making some of the planned changes to the blog layout and including the Google map of the route.

I decided now to take a cell phone on the trip. It also contains a GPS receiver and maybe I can write a little plug-in where you can always track my location.

Thanks Dan

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Thanks to my friend Dan Krüsi the blog has now a favicon!


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Welcome to my blog and website: In the future you’ll be able here updates about my journey and some other stuff.