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Yes it’s true and it’s time: We are getting married!

All the details are here:

On the 24th of October 2010, in Pennsylvania USA.

We had the time of our lives! Thank you all for making it happening.

The bench.


The dance to "The Scientist" by Coldplay

Back Again

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After another great month in Pennsylvania, with the parents of Chrystal, I returned home to Switzerland.

We lived quite far out in the country among the Amish. Surrounded by the awakening of summer and beautiful nature I enjoyed a slow time there. Much reading and tinkering. I fell even more in love with Christal as be both realized how deeply our souls are connected. So it was all too harder to say good bye again and leave without her. At least she already had a ticket and would follow two and a half weeks later.

Coming back I felt quite disorientated, the journey is still on my heart like coals giving life to flames of motivation to do anything. I feel like I can’t really return to anything unless I have finished my walk to Jerusalem. It’s like Santiago in The Alchemist that needs to find the treasure buried at the pyramids. Having said that, the stream of live pulls me right back in. Before I went to the north America we stared a cell phone software company. Coming back I returned straight to that life, had to find an apartment, work. This is all natural but the problem is that it is so easy to just let go of the dreams when everything becomes so comfortable. The challenge is to keep the coal burning so that there is at least some fire in life.

If anyone still reads this blog, I give now one advice. Free yourself to go and see the world if your heart calls you to do it. Many smile down on those with the urge to go and find themselves in the big world, but there is something about bursting this bubble we live in and learning to walk outside of it. There you’ll fell like freedom is approaching. Don’t mistake this for freedom though, traveling is no freedom. Maybe all inclusive beach holiday. But just going without a plan will stretch you and make you realize that we are all bound to needs and desires. The fulfilling of those need outside of the bubble helps to find the inner freedom. People, that you never would talk to, have to be talked to. Places where you’d never sleep at have to be chose as the place for the night if you sleep or not. Go out and see for yourself. Take the courage.

It’s nice for me to say this, and I’ve learned it on my travels, but I have to be honest its hanging on a thread right now. Include me in your prayers that the pilgrimage will continue.

Road Trip Part II

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I totally forgot to write about the end of our awesome road trip trough the USA. So here it goes.

Our next stop after Boise was Salt Lake City which is somewhat a strange city, the streets are all numbered according to how far away they are from the Mormon temple which is in the very center. So after ending up on the wrong corner of the city we found our host. He showed us around the city and told us many interesting things about the Mormons who basically control Utah.

Our next destination was Denver. We arrived late at night because we got caught in a snow storm. We had several inches of snow which was strange because spring was supposed to be here already. The guys we stayed with had an absolute party apartment where we were warmly welcomed with a beer (and many more followed). I really liked the long philosophical discussions until 3 in the morning. After two nights we moved on, the next place in Kansas city was so good that we wanted to stay an extra night. Our hosts were a cool couple that owns a house in a nice part of town. Couch surfing is sometimes truly amazing; since they were out with some friends when we arrived they just left us their keys to their whole house! We never met them before and they trusted us so much. They took us out to real deal Kansas City BBQ, which is world famous. I’ve never eaten such good BBQ before (and so much), a kick ass blues band was playing that made the evening a special memory.

As soon as we got to Saint Louis we realized that there was much to see too. Our host showed us around and especially told us about the well known City Museum. This has almost nothing to do with a regular museum its more like a unorthodox fun park. There are all kinds of things welded together, many caves ans slides for crawling around. I think after three or four hours there we all had bloody knees. Ryan our host was once again an interesting person, we had many things in common and once more couldn’t stop talking. Traveling is so good, because almost every day we meet someone that has a character that we just wanted to explore like new found island. I think thats what gets people actually hooked on exploring the world: It’s less about the places and more about the cultured people. I think it’s addicting!

From Saint Louis we decided to drive straight home to Pennsylvania which was about 16 hours or so, but we split up the driving which got us back to Chrystals parents at 3am.

More about my stay here in the Amish country side in the next post.