The Invitation

Date is set, location is chosen now all that is needed is for you to come.

You will get an invitation withing the next few days. If you don’t and want to come, then write us.

The final date is Sunday, 24th of October at 2pm.

We’ll get married in a Orthodox Church in Wilmington, Delaware (which is in the USA for those who come from around the globe ). After that we’ll go to the bride’s parent’s country home and celebrate long into the night. Don’t miss it.¬†Detailed information¬†how to get there is here.

If you are coming, register here!

We Are Getting Married

We are happy and excited to announce that we are getting married. It’s been a long journey since we met 8 years ago, but we’re still in love just like in the first days and so we decided to spend the coming 80 years together as well!

As you know we are still on the road right now, so many details are still open. The next detail to follow is the date! We’ll let you know.

Much love from

Luke & Chrystal